The 1970s - 3

Published: Friday 22nd May 2020A free quiz about the history of the 1970s.
  1. Between which two nations did the first One Day cricket international take place in January 1971?
  2. What was ended by the signing of the Paris Peace Accord in 1973?
  3. In which city was the first outbreak of Legionaire's Disease recorded in 1976?
  4. Which branch of the British military did Prince Charles join in 1970?
  5. Which song won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest?
  6. The sales of which car overtook those of the Model T Ford in 1971?
  7. Which silent film star was knighted by the Queen in 1975?
  8. What name was given to the portable cassette tape players sold by Sony in the late 1970's?
  9. The rings around which planet were discovered in 1977?
  10. What was the name of the World's first test-tube baby born on July 25th 1978?
  11. Which newspaper resumed publication in November 1979 after a strike that lasted almost a year?
  12. How many days did Brian Clough last as manager of Leeds United in 1974?
  13. Who expelled 50,000 Asians from Uganda in 1972?
  14. Who headlined the first festival organised by Michael Elvis at Glastonbury in 1970?
  15. Who in 1978 became England's first black international footballer?
  16. Defeating Great Britain 13-12 in the final, which country won the 1977 Rugby League World cup?
  17. Which Royal marriage took place at Westminster Abbey on 14th November 1973?
  18. Who replaced Jeremy Thorpe as leader of the Liberal Party in 1976?
  19. Which team won the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?
  20. Which music show aired for the first time live on BBC2 in September 1971?
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