The 1980s - 3

Published: Wednesday 17th May 2017
  1. Which Richard Attenborough movie released in 1982 was nominated for eleven Academy Awards eventually winning eight?
  2. What single by The Police was the best selling UK record of 1980?
  3. First broadcast in August 1983 as "Woodentop", what name did this one-off drama take when it became a series later that year?
  4. Which album released in 1985 by a British band became the first million selling CD recording?
  5. Which Midlands club won the 1987 FA Cup for the first time in their history?
  6. Which toy, invented by an Hungarian ,made its debut at the 1980 Toy & Hobby Fair?
  7. Who in August 1981 became the BBC's first black newsreader?
  8. Which David Bowie single topped both the UK and US charts in 1983?
  9. Which shopping centre, at the time the largest indoor centre in Europe , was opened in 1986?
  10. Which country hosted the 1982 FIFA World Cup?
  11. For which country did Celine Dion win the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest?
  12. Who became the last ever British Home Champions when this football tournament was played in 1984?
  13. Who in 1988 became the first British winner of golf's US Masters?
  14. Which country won the first ever Rugby Union World Cup held in 1987?
  15. Peter Sutcliffe was sentenced to life imprisonment for 13 murders in May 1981, by what name was he more commonly known?
  16. Which border reopened in 1985 after being closed since 1969?
  17. What, allegedly, took baby Azaria Chamberlain from a campsite near Ayers Rock in 1980?
  18. Which airline made its maiden flight in June 1984?
  19. Against whom was a fatwa issued in 1989 after the publication of "The Satanic Verses"?
  20. What was seen in February 1986 for the first time since 1910?
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