The 1980s - 4

Published: Friday 17th April 2020A free quiz about the history of the 1980s
  1. Which American golfer won both the US and UK Open in 1982?
  2. Who played the title role in the musical "Barnum" when it opened on Broadway in 1980?
  3. Who officially appeared in public without makeup for the first time in September 1983?
  4. In which stadium did riots cost 39 lives during the European Cup Final of 1985?
  5. Which furniture retailer opened its first British store in Warrington in October 1987?
  6. To what did Rhodesia change it's name in 1980?
  7. Who advised Britain's 2.5 million unemployed to "Get on their bikes" to find work?
  8. What was officially created on 1st January 1983 with the renaming of the ARPANET?
  9. Which team won the Merseyside FA Cup final of 1986 thereby secured the League and Cup double?
  10. Which company launched the first consumer CD player in 1982?
  11. For which imprisoned leader was a concert held at Wembley Stadium in June 1988?
  12. What was discovered by Alec Jeffries in Leicester in 1984?
  13. What type of licences were abolished in the UK (except Northern Ireland) in May 1988?
  14. Where did Mathias Rust land a small plane on May 28th 1987?
  15. Who made his first appearance with the 1981 release of the arcade game Donkey Kong?
  16. In which year was the first episode of BBC long running soap Eastenders screened?
  17. What was the name of the trade union formed by Lech Walesa in the Gdansk shipyard in 1980?
  18. Which country in 1984 became the last European country to grant women the vote?
  19. Which country in 1989 ended a 74 year old prohibition on the sale of strong beer?
  20. Which Royal palace was extensively damaged by fire in March 1986?
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