The 1990's - 3

Published: Tuesday 8th March 2022A free history quiz about people and events in the 1990s.
  1. At which ground did Eric Cantona of Manchester United "Kung-fu" kick a spectator in January 1995?
  2. Which Stephen Speilberg movie won seven Oscars at the 1994 Academy Award Ceremony?
  3. Which country gained independence from South Africa in March 1990?
  4. Which team in 1995 denied Manchester United a hat-trick of Premier League championships?
  5. Which Paul McCartney composition received its first performance at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in June 1991?
  6. Who was the sole survivor of the fatal car crash that killed Diana Princess of Wales in August 1997?
  7. Who wrote the Sinead O'Connor 1990 best seller "Nothing Compares 2U"?
  8. Which club in August 1998 became the first football team to have its own television channel?
  9. Which sixties supergroup reunited in 1993 for their induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  10. Which nation officially hosted the 1999 Rugby Union World Cup?
  11. Which Scandinavian country voted NOT to join the European Union in 1994?
  12. Who replaced Margaret Thatcher as Britain's Prime Minister in November 1990?
  13. Who became the first company to sponsor a UK TV programme with their sponsorship of Coronation Street in 1996?
  14. Which airline, once the biggest in the USA, went bankrupt and closed in December 1991?
  15. Who lit the flame during the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games?
  16. Who starred as Dermot Povey in the first series Of "Men Behaving Badly" in 1992?
  17. Which bank went into liquidation in January 1992?
  18. Which Blue Peter presenter who made her debut in 1997 went on to become the longest serving female presenter?
  19. A tunnel in which mountain was closed for three years following a fire in March 1999?
  20. Who hosted the first National Lottery draw in 1994?
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