The 1990s - 2

Published: Thursday 2nd May 2019A free quiz about the history of the 1990s.
  1. What did the Indian Government change the name of Bombay to, in November 1995?
  2. Who lived at 25, Cromwell Street Gloucester?
  3. Nelson Mandela was released from jail on 11th February 1990, how many years had he been imprisoned?
  4. In which year did on-line retailer Amazon sell its first book?
  5. Which toy did TV's Blue Peter show viewers how to make due to selling out in all the stores at Christmas 1991?
  6. Which album released in August 1997 became the fastest selling in UK history?
  7. The TV animation "Family Guy" which debuted on US television in February 1999, is set in which fictional city?
  8. Which coin first went into circulation in the UK in June 1998?
  9. Which Stephen Speilberg movie was the highest grossing movie of 1993?
  10. What was introduced in April 1999 at £3.60 an hour?
  11. Who in 1994 became the oldest Heavyweight boxing champion in history?
  12. Who in 1990 became the first female President of Ireland?
  13. Who replaced Gaby Roslin in 1996 as host of TV's The Big Breakfast?
  14. The singer of which rock band died from an Aids-related illness in November 1991?
  15. Who aged 15 years and 282 days became the youngest person to win a Wimbledon senior title in 1996?
  16. What was the title of the spin-off from "Are You Being Served?" which was aired for two seasons in the 1990s?
  17. What did the first text message sent in the UK on 3rd December 1992 say?
  18. Who in 1997 became the first Canadian to win the Formula One world Champion?
  19. Which band had their Grammy award revoked after admitting to lip-synching on their hit records?
  20. Which team made four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the 1990s and suffered four consecutive losses?
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