The 1990s - 4

Published: Monday 8th January 2024A free history quiz about people and events in the 1990s.
  1. The novel "Bridget Jones' Diary" started life as a column in which British daily newspaper?
  2. Who won the Labour Party leadership election following the death of John Smith in 1994?
  3. Who in 1990 became the oldest person to win an acting Oscar?
  4. Who succeeded Bruce Forsyth in 1995 as presenter of The Generation Game?
  5. Who in 1992 became the first US President to address the Australian Parliament?
  6. What appeared on the cover of the New York Times for the first time in October 1997?
  7. By what name was the US led Gulf War of 1990 known?
  8. Who won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Diva"?
  9. Who won the inaugural English Premier League Championship in 1993?
  10. What was the full title of the Star Wars movie released in 1999?
  11. Which controversial singer was found dead in his Seattle home on April 5th 1994?
  12. Which city in 1990 became the first British city to be the European Capital of Culture?
  13. Who in 1997 became the first female US Secretary of State?
  14. Edwin H Land died in March 1991, what device was he credited with inventing?
  15. Who was the Republican candidate for the 1996 US Presidential election?
  16. Which two countries were formed by the "Velvet Divorce" of January 1993?
  17. Which jubilee was celebrated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992?
  18. First approved in 1998, under what name was the drug Sildenafil normally sold?
  19. Which Canadian territory was created in April 1999?
  20. Established in 1995 the World Trade Organisation replaced what?
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