The 19th Century - 5

Published: Friday 31st January 2020A free history quiz about people and events in the 19th century.
  1. Who was elected US President in March 1801?
  2. In which city did the Bottle Riot of 1822 take place?
  3. Who became first President of Texas after its independence from Mexico in 1836?
  4. What building was erected to house the Great Exhibition of 1851?
  5. Which English sporting body was founded in 1863?
  6. Which famous ship was found deserted in 1872?
  7. Which famous military commander was killed at Khartoum in 1885?
  8. At which battle in 1805 was Nelson mortally wounded?
  9. Who was responsible in 1829 for founding the Metropolitan Police?
  10. Which daughter of a lighthouse keeper was responsible for saving lifes from a stricken steamer in 1838?
  11. In which conflict did the charge of the Light Brigade take place in 1854?
  12. Who first conquered the Matterhorn in 1865?
  13. Who did England play in the first official cricket test match in 1877?
  14. In which conflict did Florence Nightingale develop her nursing techniques?
  15. Who in 1816 founded the city of Singapore?
  16. Which island group that Britain fought a war over 149 years later was first annexed in 1833?
  17. Finally closing in 2002, which satirical magazine was first published in 1841?
  18. What name was given to the volunteers who followed Garibaldi on his Southern Italian campaigns of the 1850s?
  19. Which Irish revolutionary was the last person to be publicly hanged in Britain in 1868?
  20. In which area of London did the "Jack the Ripper" murders take place in 1888?
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