The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Published: Monday 7th September 2015On September 9th 2015 Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British monarch. How much do you know about her reign?
  1. A total of twelve British Prime Ministers have served under the Queen, how many were Conservatives?
  2. The Queen has always loved horse racing, which one of the English Classics have her horses NOT won?
  3. What are the Queen's middle names?
  4. How many different Archbishops of Canterbury have there been since the Queen was crowned?
  5. How old was the Queen when she came to the throne?
  6. What was the Queen's childhood nickname?
  7. Which year was described by the Queen as her "Annus Horribilis"?
  8. Who was the first British Prime Minister to be elected during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II?
  9. The first football match to be attended by the Queen was the 1953 FA Cup Final, to which team did she hand the trophy?
  10. Which Commonwealth country has received the most official visits from the Queen?
  11. Buckingham Palace is the London home of the Queen, but which palace remains the official residence of the British Monarchy?
  12. Who is the eldest of the Queen's eight grandchildren?
  13. Which is the only year of her reign that the Queen did not make a Christmas broadcast?
  14. Given to the Queen on her 18th birthday, what was the name of her first corgi?
  15. Which are the only two member states of the Commonwealth that the Queen has not visited?
  16. Which Archbishop of Canterbury performed the Coronation of the Queen?
  17. The first televised Christmas message was broadcast in 1957, from where was this made?
  18. As at September 2015, how many Great-grandchildren does the Queen have?
  19. The Queen becomes the longest reigning British monarch but who is the longest reigning British King?
  20. At 82 years 254 days (30204 days), King Sobhuza II is the longest reigning monarch ever, over which country did he reign?
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