The Sixties - 3

Published: Monday 30th September 2019A free quiz about the history of the 1960s
  1. Who in June 1963 became the first woman in space?
  2. What satirical magazine was first published in the UK in October 1961?
  3. Which team became the first British winners of a European football trophy when they won the 1963 European Cup Winners Cup?
  4. Who released the cult album "Freak Out!" in June 1966?
  5. In which country were the 1968 Summer Olympics held?
  6. Who won the light-heavyweight gold medal at the 1960 Olympics?
  7. Launched in July 1962 what was the name of the first US communications satellite?
  8. Which popular US television game show, still airing today, began in March 1964?
  9. Which team beat England in 1967 thus ending a 19 game unbeaten run since their FIFA World Cup win?
  10. Which novel by Anthony Burgess, later made into a controversial movie, was first published in 1962?
  11. Which British tennis player won the Ladies Singles at the 1968 US Open?
  12. What classic sci-fi series debuted on ITV on September 30th 1965 in "Supermarionation"?
  13. Which Welsh town was granted city status in July 1969?
  14. Which doctor completed the world's first heart transplant in December 1967?
  15. Which Italian tenor made his debut in La Boheme in April 1961 after giving up his dreams of becoming a football goalkeeper?
  16. Who founded the National Viewers and Listeners Association in 1965?
  17. What was the title of The Shadows debut single that topped the UK charts for five weeks in 1960?
  18. Which teenage girl's magazine was first published in January 1964?
  19. Where in London did The Beatles give their last public performance in January 1969?
  20. Who starred as Alf Garnett in the sixties' sit-com "To Death Do Us Part"?
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