The Tudors 3

Published: Thursday 11th August 2016
  1. Who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533?
  2. Who in 1540 became Henry VIII's fifth wife?
  3. How long did Lady Jane Grey's "reign as Queen" last?
  4. Why was Mary I known as "Bloody Mary"?
  5. Which of her childhood friends did Elizabeth I apparently fall in love with and want to marry?
  6. In which ship did Francis Drake sail around the World?
  7. Against which monarch was the Jesuit Edmund Campion falsely convicted of conspiracy?
  8. In which year did Elizabeth I die?
  9. To which of his six wives was Henry VIII marry to for the shortest time?
  10. Who did Henry Tudor marry to unite the Houses of York and Lancaster?
  11. In which year did Henry VIII become King of England?
  12. Who in 1537 became Henry VIII's third wife?
  13. How old was Edward VI when he was crowned King?
  14. By what name was Anne of Cleeves cruelly known?
  15. Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?
  16. In what year did the Spanish Armada set sail for England?
  17. In which Central American country did Francis Drake die?
  18. Which Cardinal was responsible for developing Hampton Court Palace?
  19. Which Tudor monarch is credited with the formation of the Royal Navy?
  20. Who did the pretender to Henry VII's throne, Perkin Warbeck claim to be?
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