The Tudors - 4

Published: Saturday 30th June 2018A free history quiz about the life and times of the Tudor dynasty.
  1. Which Act of Parliament in 1534 made the monarch the Head of the Church in England?
  2. How old was Catherine Howard when she married Henry VIII?
  3. Who was officially declared monarch in July 1553?
  4. Who was King Edward VI's Regent and Lady Jane Grey's father-in-law?
  5. Who was known as Elizabeth I's spymaster?
  6. Which of Henry VIII's wives outlived both Henry and the rest of his wives?
  7. Who in 1529 succeeded Thomas Wolsey as Chancellor of England?
  8. In which monarch reign was William Shakespeare born?
  9. Who succeeded Elizabeth I as monarch on her death in 1603?
  10. On which battlefield was Henry VII declared King of England?
  11. In which Royal palace was the future Henry VIII born?
  12. Which future monarch was the child of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour?
  13. How old was Edward VI when he died in 1553?
  14. In which cathedral did Mary I marry Phillip?
  15. Who was the fifth and final monarch of the Tudor dynasty?
  16. Who was said to have been playing bowls as the Spanish Armada approached?
  17. Which Tudor monarch met King Francis of France on the Field of the Cloth of Gold?
  18. What relation was Queen Elizabeth I to King Phillip II of Spain?
  19. What was the name of Henry VIII's flagship sunk in the Solent in 1545?
  20. Which future Queen did Henry VII's son Arthur marry in 1501?
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