The Tudors - 5

Published: Wednesday 9th January 2019A free history quiz about the life and times of the Tudor dynasty.
  1. Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?
  2. In which year was Catherine Howard executed?
  3. Who was the mother of Mary I?
  4. What relation was Mary I to Mary Queen of Scots?
  5. In which Northamptonshire castle was Mary Queen of Scots executed?
  6. Which famous folk song was said to have been written by Henry VIII?
  7. Against which of the Tudor monarchs was the Babington plot directed?
  8. What occupation did the father of Thomas Cromwell pursue?
  9. How old was Elizabeth I when she dies in 1603?
  10. Who did Henry VII defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field to become King?
  11. Who was Henry VIII's first wife?
  12. Who in 1540 became the fourth wife of Henry VIII?
  13. Who was the mother of King Edward VI?
  14. Which Archbishop of Canterbury was burnt at the stake for heresy by Mary I ?
  15. What religion was Elizabeth I?
  16. Which character in Spenser's play "The Faerie Queen" was said to be based on Elizabeth I?
  17. Which Tudor monarch was responsible for the loss of Calais as an English possession?
  18. In which year did Henry VIII begin to dissolve the monasteries?
  19. Who was know as Good Queen Bess?
  20. Who succeeded Henry VII as English monarch?
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