Nineties Music Quiz 1 - Answers

Published: Thursday 28th January 2010
  1. What was Jason Donovan's only number one in the nineties? "Any Dream Will Do".
  2. Who had hits in the Nineties with "In Your Room" and "Barrel of a Gun"? Depeche Mode
  3. Who had number one albums in the 90s with the following titles (i)Graffiti Bridge, (ii)Innuendo, (iii) Human Touch, (iv) Automatic for the People and (v)The Division Bell The albums were by (i)Prince,(ii)Queen,(iii)Bruce Springsteen, (iv)REM and (v)Pink Floyd.
  4. Where was love in the record breaking hit from Wet,Wet,Wet? "All Around".
  5. Which night did Whigfield sing about? She sang about "Saturday Night".
  6. What was the first new number one of the Nineties in the UK? The first number one was "Hanging Tough" - New Kids on the Block.
  7. What was the last number one of the Nineties in the UK? The last was "I Have a Dream/Seasons in the Sun" - Westlife.
  8. Which 1975 chart topper reappeared at number one in December 1991? The record was "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen.
  9. What is the full name of these 90s acts,(i)Shanks and......., (ii) The Manic Street.........., (iii) Deep Blue ....., (iv) Babylon.......and (v) The Outhere....... The full names are (i)Shanks and Bigfoot, (ii)The manic Street Preachers, (iii)Deep Blue Something, (iv)Babylon Zoo and (v) The Outhere Brothers.
  10. "Barbie Girl " was their first number one, but what was Aqua's second? "Doctor Jones".
  11. Which Clash single was sampled on Garbage's "Stupid Girl"? It was "Train in Vain".
  12. Which soccer song reached number 1 in 1990? "World in Motion" by the England World Cup Squad and New Order.
  13. What songs do the following lyrics come from,(i)"Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?", (ii) "He sings songs that remind me of the good times", (iii) "She studied sculpture at St. Martins' College", (iv) "Keep our teeth,nice and clean" and (v) "He's got morning glory,life's a different story" The Songs were (i)Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton, (ii)Tubthumping Chubawamba, (iii) Common People Pulp, (iv) Alright Supergrass and (v)Country House Blur.
  14. Which popular 90s pop star has the surname GUDMUNDSDOTTIR? It is of course BJORK.
  15. What 90s bands contained the following members, (i)Thom Yorke, (ii) Shirley Manson, (iii) Billy Corgan, (iv) Gavin Rossdale and (v) Dolores O'Riordan The bands were respectively (i)Radiohead, (ii)Garbage, (iii)Smashing Pumpkins, (iv)Bush and (v)The Cranberries.
  16. Which rock band did Natalie Merchant leave to go solo? 10,000 Maniacs.
  17. What is "1977", the title of Ash's first studio album from 1996, a reference to? The year that two members of the band were born and the year that the original "Star Wars" film was released.
  18. Which films from the 1990s feature the following songs, (i)"Kiss from a Rose" - Seal(1995), (ii) "You'll Be in my Heart" - Phil Collins(1999), (iii) "My Heart Will go on" - Celine Dion(1997), (iv) "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen(1992) and (v) "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You Bryan Adams(1991) The films were (i)Batman Forever, (ii)Tarzan, (iii)Titanic, (iv)Wayne's World and (v)Robin Hood (Prince of Thieves)
  19. Which pop star set fire to her boyfriend's mansion in 1994 completely destroying it? The arsonist was Lisa (Left-eye)Lopes from the girl group TLC.
  20. Whose 1997 hit "Mmmbop" topped the charts both sides of the Atlantic? It was Hanson

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