Seventies Music 2

Published: Wednesday 20th October 2010
  1. Which US band hit the charts in 1977 with "More Than A Feeling"?
  2. Who was the chief song writer for the group Bread?
  3. What was the title of Marie Osmond's first solo single in 1973?
  4. From which Seventies hits do the following lyrics come from, [a] "I laughed at your jokes, my love you didn't need to coax", [b] "I feel like I win when I lose", [c] "They Want you as a new recruit", [d] "It turned cold, and that's where it ends" and [e] "You might not ever get rich"
  5. Which female rocker sang about "48 Crash" in 1973?
  6. "Peaches" and "Duchess" were hits for which punk band?
  7. Which group reached number 3 in 1975 with "Only You Can"?
  8. Who had hit albums in the 1970s with the following, [a] "Sticky Fingers", [b] "Ram", [c] "Never a Dull Moment", [d] "Back to Front" and [e] "Out of the Blue"
  9. Dennis Locorriere was one of the lead singers with which band?
  10. Who had a top 3 hit with "The Bump"?
  11. Of which Seventies bands were the following the lead singer/front man [a] Errol Brown, [b] Robert Fripp, [c] Peter Cetera, [d] Phil Collins and [e] Hugh Cornwell
  12. What was The Osmonds only UK number 1?
  13. "Brass in Pocket" was a number 1 for which band in 1979?
  14. Who wrote the lyrics for most of Elton John's 70s hits?
  15. Whose real name was Farrokh Bulsara?
  16. Who had a UK no. 3 hit in 1976, with an instrumental named after a British naval town?
  17. Which 70s band had members, Les Gray, Rob Davis, Ray Stiles and Dave Mount?
  18. Which 1970 number one for Dave Edmunds was originally recorded by Smiley Lewis in 1955?
  19. Who were the TWO lead vocalists in Blue Mink?
  20. Which David Bowie novelty song first released in 1967, eventually became a hit in 1973?
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