Eighties Music 2

Published: Wednesday 1st December 2010
  1. Which group's drummer carried on despite losing an arm in a road accident in 1984?
  2. Who had a hit with "Little Red Corvette"?
  3. What was the first video played on MTV in August 1981?
  4. From what 80s hits do the following lyrics come, [a] "Don't drink, don't smoke, what do ya do?", [b] "Every claim you make, I'll be watching you" ,[c] "All the cops in the doughnut shop say 'Weigh-O,Weigh-O" , [d] "Too much fighting on the dance floor" and [e] "No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away"
  5. From which country did the band Men At Work originate?
  6. The opening line on Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" was written for David Bowie to sing, but who actually sang on the 1984 hit?
  7. Who had hit albums in the 80s with the following titles, [a] "Regatta De Blanc", [b] "Flesh and Blood", [c] "Dare", [d] "Rio" and [e] "Let's Dance"
  8. What was the name of the Icelandic band that had Bjork as a member prior to her solo career?
  9. Which group were "Big in Japan" in 1984?
  10. Where did Bow Wow Wow want to get wild?
  11. Of which 80s bands were the following the lead singer/front man - [a] Ian Astbury, [b] Andy Bell, [c] Frank Black, [d] Bono and [e] Tom Araya
  12. What was the venue for the US leg of the Live Aid concert in July 1985?
  13. Who had a hit with "La Bamba" in 1987?
  14. Which Shakespearian characters did Dire Straits sing about in 1981?
  15. Three acts took different songs entitled "The Power of Love" into the UK top 10 in the 80s, what were the acts?
  16. Who was "Too Shy" in 1983?
  17. Which Scottish female singer had 6 top 20 hits in the 1980s after winning TV's "The Big Time"?
  18. Which 1960s hit by Traffic was covered by Neil in 1985?
  19. What song became Madonna's first UK number 1 in 1985?
  20. What was the last number one hit of the eighties?
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