Nineties Music 2

Published: Tuesday 1st March 2011
  1. With whom did Cher share the UK number 1 "Love Can Build a Bridge" in 1995?
  2. Who had a Number one with "Ice Ice Baby"?
  3. How many members made up STEPS?
  4. In which Nineties hits do the following lyrics appear, [a] "I Feel it in my Fingers, I Feel it in my Toes", [b] "Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow", [c] "My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain", [d] "Here we are now, Entertain us" and [e] "I'm cold, and I'm shamed,lying naked on the floor"
  5. What did "Do the Bartman" a number 1 in 1991 have in common with the 1969 hit "Sugar, Sugar"?
  6. Which streets did Bruce Springsteen sing about in 1994?
  7. Which artists produced the following albums in the 90s, [a] Soul Provider, [b] Stars, [c] Love Hurts, [d] Back to Front and [e] Diva
  8. Which song, previously a number one in the 50s for Frankie Laine, was taken to the top spot by Robson & Jerome in 1995?
  9. Who had a US number 1 with "Genie in a Bottle"?
  10. In which year did Robbie leave Take That?
  11. Of which 90s bands were the following the lead singers/front men, [a] Damon Albarn,[b]Brett Anderson, [c] Richard Ashcroft, [d] James Dean Bradfield and [e] Ian Brown
  12. Who featured on Eternal's 1997 number 1 "I Wanna Be The Only One"?
  13. Which ex-member of Madness had a hit with a Simon & Garfunkel cover in 1996?
  14. Which Ebenezer did The Shamen sing about?
  15. In which Nineties bands were the following the drummer, [a] Dave Rowntree, [b] Alan White, [c] Nicky 'Topper' Headon, [d] Larry Mullen Jnr. and [e] Bill Berry
  16. Three all-girl groups had Three number 1 records in 1998, Spice Girls and All Saints were two, who was the third?
  17. Which Lou Reed song became the "Children in Need" single in 1997?
  18. Who wore "Crocodile Shoes" in 1994?
  19. Which Aqua number one of 1998 shared a title with a Cher hit of 1989?
  20. Who sang about "Cotton-Eyed Joe"?
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