Eurovision 2 - Answers

Published: Sunday 25th March 2012
  1. What was the first non-UK Eurovision Song Contest entry to top the UK charts? Dana - "All Kinds of Everything".
  2. Which country won the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956? Switzerland.
  3. In which year did Samantha Janus represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest with "A Message To Your Heart"? 1991
  4. The 1995 Eurovision Song Contest winner "Nocturne"by Secret Garden was virtually an instrumental, how many lines of lyrics did it have? Eight.
  5. Which winner of TV's "Opportunity Knocks" represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest? Mary Hopkins.
  6. The UK competed in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 1957, what was their entry? Patricia Bredin - "All".
  7. Who sang the UK Eurovision Song Contest entry that came second to Abba in 1974? Olivia Newton-John.
  8. The first year that Poland entered the Eurovision Song Contest they came second, what was the year? 1994
  9. Which is the only African country to have entered the Eurovision Song Contest? Morocco (once in 1980 finishing in 18th place.)
  10. Although the UK have only won the Eurovision Song Contest on 5 occasions they have hosted the event a record 8 times. Four of these were in London, but where were the other four venues? Edinburgh (1972), Brighton (1974), Harrogate (1982) and Birmingham (1998).
  11. How many times have Norway finished in last place at the Eurovision Song Contest? Ten.
  12. How many times have Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest? Three (1985,1995 and 2009).
  13. The 2001 Eurovision Song Contest was attended by almost 38,000 people, making it the largest audience for a contest, in which city did it take place? Copenhagen, Denmark.
  14. In which year were the 'semi-final' qualifiers introduced to the Eurovision Song Contest? 2004
  15. Coming 2nd twice and 3rd on another two occasions, which country is the most successful NEVER to have won the Eurovision Song Contest? Malta.
  16. Who technically are the worst performing nation, with no top 5 appearances with 43 entries in the Eurovision Song Contest? Portugal.
  17. Who is the only artist to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest on consecutive years? Ronnie Carroll (1962 & 1963).
  18. Which European leader was rumoured to have been responsible for Cliff Richard not winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968? General Franco of Spain.
  19. Who were the only UK act to get 'nul points' [So Far!!!!] in the Eurovision Song Contest? Jemini - "Cry Baby" (2003).
  20. Which country has given the UK the most points (up to and including the 2009 contest) in the Eurovision Song Contest? Austria.

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  1. Terry Gleed says:

    Hi Ken,
    Just to say i LOVED your quiz for eurovision…a great selection but can i just be cheeky and say that one of your questions is INCORRECT…Question 7…Olivia Newton John came 4th in 1974…2nd were Italy and 3rd The Netherlands…Best wishes..Terry

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