Olympic Music 1

Published: Sunday 8th July 2012With the London Olympics just a few weeks away, here’s a music quiz with Olympic connections [although some may be a little tenuous].
  1. Snow Patrol had a 2004 number 5 hit with "Run" but who covered it and took it to number one in 2008?
  2. "Baby Jump" provided the second number 1 for which 70's band?
  3. Which comic band had a minor hit with "An Olympic Record" in 1968?
  4. Which single provided Andrew Gold with his only top 5 hit in 1978?
  5. Who sang at Sydney 2000 after entering the stadium on an outsize flip-flop?
  6. "Gold" by Spandau Ballet reached number 2 in 1983, but which single provided them with their only number 1?
  7. Which TV cop sang about a "Silver Lady" in 1977?
  8. Which guitarist released an album called "Sailing to Philadelphia" in 2000?
  9. According to Goldie Lookin' Chain in 2004, what kills people?
  10. Who sang with Freddie Mercury on the number 2 hit "Barcelona"?
  11. Which swimming stroke did Crazy Town take to number 3 in 2001?
  12. Who performed "Power of the Dream" at the 1996 Olympic opening ceremony in Atlanta?
  13. Who took "We Are Golden" to number 2 in the charts in 2009?
  14. The Spencer Davis Group had two number ones in the 1960s; the first was "Keep on Running", what was the second?
  15. Which comedian took "The Winners Song" to number 2 in 2008?
  16. The song "Hi Ho Silver", a number 5 hit for Jim Diamond in 1986, was the theme song for which TV show?
  17. Which song provided Freda Payne with her only UK number 1 single?
  18. In which group did "Chariots of Fire" composer, Vangelis, perform with Demis Roussos?
  19. Which dance music duo were named as musical directors for London 2012 Olympics?
  20. Which Devon rock band provided one of the official songs for the London 2012 Olympics?
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