UK Number Ones - 2

Published: Wednesday 8th August 2012
  1. Which brother and sister are the only ones to have achieved separate number one singles?
  2. Which song from the musical "Calamity Jane" gave Doris Day her first UK number one?
  3. Which of the "Mersey beat" groups were the first to hit the top spot in the sixties?
  4. Who took a "Japanese Boy" to number one in 1981?
  5. Which member of Take That was the first to obtain a solo UK number one?
  6. Which song has topped the charts with FOUR different artists?
  7. Which female singer has had the most UK number ones?
  8. Who had a number one in 1966 with a cover of The Beatles "Michelle"?
  9. "January" was a number one in February 1975 for which band?
  10. Which Adam Faith single in 1959 provided the shortest UK number one single to date?
  11. Who earned a Guinness World record for the most expletives on a number one record with his 2004 hit "I Don't Want You Back"?
  12. Which TV show provided the 1994 number one "Chocolate Salty Balls"?
  13. What was the highest selling single of the 1980s and the second highest selling single of all time?
  14. Which group prevented the "X Factor" winner from becoming the Christmas number one in 2009 after a Facebook campaign?
  15. Which song provided "Fame Academy" winner David Sneddon with his only UK number one in 2003?
  16. Who had a number one in 1990 with a cover of the Brian Hyland hit "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"?
  17. Which record topped the charts for nine weeks in 1977-78 to become the biggest selling single of the Seventies?
  18. Which THREE female artists joined with Eric Clapton on the 1995 number one "Love Can Build a Bridge"?
  19. Which TWO female artists combined on the 2007 hit "Beautiful Liar"?
  20. Who duetted with David Bowie on "Dancing in the Streets", a 1985 number one?
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