UK Number Ones 3

Published: Monday 27th August 2012
  1. Who in 1953 became the first female to top the UK charts?
  2. Which song in April 1990 became Madonna's first number 1 of the decade?
  3. Who is the youngest person to be credited with a UK number one hit?
  4. Who had a number one with "Number 1" in May 2009?
  5. Which song provided Elton John with his first UK number one?
  6. Staying at number one for 7 weeks in 1957, which single gave Elvis Presley his first UK number 1?
  7. Which football club reached the number one spot in 1994?
  8. Which single in 2006 became the first to hit the number one spot by virtue of download sales only?
  9. Which single holds the record for the most consecutive weeks at the top spot?
  10. Who in 1978 became the first female to top the charts with a song she had written herself?
  11. Which Bob Dylan composition provided The Byrds with their first number 1?
  12. Three different songs with the title "The Power of Love" were top ten hits in the 1980s, but which TWO hit the number one spot?
  13. Who had "Breakfast at Tiffanys" at number one in 1996?
  14. Sharing its name with a British trunk road which group had a number one with a cover of A-Ha's "Take On Me"?
  15. Which song provide Irish band B*Witched with the first of four number ones in 1998?
  16. "In The Summertime" was a massive hit for Mungo Jerry in 1970 topping the charts for 7 weeks, but which song provided them with their second number one the following year?
  17. Which father and daughter had a number 1 in 2003 with "Changes"?
  18. Reaching number 1 in May 1982 which song by Nicole became the UK's 500th number 1 single?
  19. What construction equipment did Nizlopi take to number 1 in 2005?
  20. Which hit by Telly Savalas provided the number 1 with the shortest title?
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