Girl Groups

Published: Monday 18th February 2013
  1. With what record did The Supremes have their first UK number one single?
  2. What famous record producer was responsible for the early hits of The Ronettes and The Crystals?
  3. Of which group is Kelly Rowland a member?
  4. Whose debut album released in 1993 was entitled "Always and Forever"?
  5. Which female pair said "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" in 1977?
  6. Which Irish girl group had FOUR UK number ones in 1998-99?
  7. Who was described as the first girl group to top the Billboard Hot 100 when their 1960 single "Will You Love me Tomorrow" reached number 1?
  8. Which 90s US girl group were made up of daughters of The Beach Boys and Mams & Papas?
  9. Which group had hits with "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" and "Leader of the Pack"?
  10. Of which female group was Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes a member?
  11. Which girl group became the first group entry to win "The X-Factor" in 2011?
  12. Which girl group had hits with "Jimmy Mack" and "Nowhere to run"?
  13. Of which girl group was former "Strictly Come Dancing" judge Alesha Dixon a member?
  14. Which hit record by The Toys was based on Bach's "Minuet in G Major"?
  15. Who was the first of The Spice Girls to have a solo number one hit?
  16. Which sisters reached number 2 in the UK in 1984 with "Automatic"?
  17. What was the name of the boy band that competed against Girls Aloud in "Popstars The Rivals"?
  18. Which member of the Beverley Sisters married England footballer Billy Wright?
  19. The Appleton sisters were members of which 90s chart topping group?
  20. Which girl band collaborated with Fun Boy Three on the top five hit "It Ain't What You Do (It's the Way That You do It)"?
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