Hits of the Sixties 2

Published: Tuesday 29th July 2014
  1. Which TV show provided Frankie Laine with a UK top ten hit in 1960?
  2. What plant did The Paramounts sing about in the 1964 charts?
  3. How many "Um"s featured in the song that was a hit in the 1960s for both Major Lance and Wayne Fontana?
  4. Which Beatles song did Ella Fitzgerald take into the 1964 UK charts?
  5. Which gangster did Prince Buster sing about in 1967?
  6. What single did Pigmeat Markham take to the UK top twenty in 1968?
  7. What was the first UK number one for Manfred Mann?
  8. Which of The Walker Brothers reached the UK charts in 1966 with "Twinkle Lee"?
  9. Which group took "From the Underworld" into the UK top ten in 1967?
  10. Which British band reached number 3 in the 1969 US charts with "Build Me up Buttercup"?
  11. Which Neil Sedaka hit of 1960 shares it title with a Led Zeppelin classic?
  12. What type of sun did Traffic take into the 1967 UK charts?
  13. Who shared the billing on Donovan's 1969 UK hit "Goo Goo Barabajagal"?
  14. What title shared an A-side with The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"?
  15. Where did The Pyramids take a train tour to in 1967?
  16. What colour girl gave The Bruisers their only UK hit?
  17. Which single gave The Monkees their first US number one in 1966?
  18. Which single of 1961 provided Petula Clark with her first UK number one?
  19. Which Gerry and the Pacemakers' single of 1964 was the first NOT to reach the UK top spot?
  20. Whose first UK hit in 1961 was "Don't Treat Me like a Child"?
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