Seventies Music Quiz 1

Published: Saturday 9th January 2010
  1. Which Canadian singer/songwriter had a "Heart of Gold" in 1972?
  2. Who had a UK number 1 with "Three Times a Lady"?
  3. Who had hit albums in the 1970s with the following titles (i)"A Trick of the Tail", (ii)"Fragile",(iii)"Every Picture Tells a Story", (iv)"Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player" and (v)"Venus and Mars"
  4. Eve Graham and Lyn Paul were singers with which 70s' group?
  5. Who wanted to sleep in a "s-s-s-single bed" in 1976?
  6. Which Welshman charted with "Daughter of Darkness" in 1970?
  7. "Peaches" and "Duchess" were hit singles for which punk band?
  8. Which former Moody Blue was a member of Wings?
  9. What were the full names of these Seventies bands,(i)"KC and ....", (ii)"Kool and.....", (iii)"The Boomtown.....", (iv)"Siouxsie and....." and (v) "Fleetwood....."
  10. Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974?
  11. Whose first top ten single was "The Eton Rifles" in 1979?
  12. Which 70s hits contained the following lyrics,(i)"February made me shiver", (ii)"You don't have to be coy,Roy", (iii)"You sheltered me from harm", (iv)"Strumming my pain with his fingers" and (v)"You don't wanna call nobody else"
  13. Who took their "Tiger Feet" to number one in 1974?
  14. Which prog rocker had a concept album entitled "The Six Wives of Henry VIII"?
  15. Of which seventies bands were the following members of,(i)Don Henley, (ii)Jeff Lynne, (iii)Robert Smith, (iv)Phil Lynott and (v)Deborah Harry
  16. Which Seventies number one had only two letters in its title?
  17. Which song from a musical became the 400th UK number 1 single in 1977?
  18. In which month of 1975 did Pilot's "January" reach the top spot in the UK charts?
  19. Which movies featured the following 70s hits, (i)"Staying alive" - The Bee Gees, (ii)"Bright Eyes" - Art Garfunkel, (iii)"The Entertainer" - Marvin Hamlisch, (iv)"Sandy" - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, and (v)"Nobody Does It Better" - Carly Simon
  20. Who reached number one in 1975 insisting that they were "Not in Love"?
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