Eighties Music Quiz 1 - Answers

Published: Saturday 9th January 2010
  1. Who had hit albums in the 80s entitled (i)"Double Fantasy", (ii) "The Number of the Beast", (iii) "No Parlez", (iv) "The Lexicon of Love" and (v) "No Jacket Required" The artists were (i)John Lennon & Yoko Ono, (ii) Iron Maiden, (iii) Paul Young, (iv) ABC and (v) Phil Collins.
  2. What record by Nicole became the 500th UK number 1 in 1982? The single was called "A Little Peace".
  3. In "Ashes to Ashes" by David Bowie,who was revealed as "a junkie....hitting an all-time low"? Major Tom.
  4. Where did the sun always shine for A-Ha in 1985? The Sun Always Shines on TV.
  5. Give the full names of the following 80s bands, (i)Dexy's.........., (ii)Adam and ...., (iii) Doctor and...., (iv)The Goombay......., and (v) Fairground...... The full names of the groups were (i)Dexy's Midnight Runners, (ii) Adam and the Ants, (iii) Doctor and the Medics, (iv) The Gommbay Dance Band and (v) Fairground Attraction.
  6. Carole Decker was the lead singer of which 1980s' group? She sang in T'Pau
  7. What was the opening act at the London Live Aid concert in July 1985? The opening act was Status Quo with "Rocking All Over the World".
  8. Thereze Bazar and David Van Day were better known as which duo? They were Dollar.
  9. Which novelty record kept Ultravox's "Vienna" off the top spot in February 1981? Joe Dolce Music Theatre were the culprits with "Shaddup You Face".
  10. Which numbers featured in number ones for the following acts, (i)Nena(1984), (ii) Paul Hardcastle(1985), (iii) Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1984), (iv) Adam Ant(1982) and (v) Whitney Houston(1988) The numbers were (i)99 Red Balloons, (ii) 19, (iii) Two Tribes, (iv) Goody Two Shoes, and (v) One Moment in Time.
  11. Which band featured future actor brothers Gary and Martin Kemp? They featured in recently reformed Spandau Ballet.
  12. Which film theme took David Bowie to number 2 in 1986? Absolute Beginners.
  13. Who covered Tommy James "Mony-Mony" in 1987? It was covered by Billy Idol.
  14. Who said "We didn't start the fire" in 1989? Billy Joel.
  15. Which movies featured the following songs in the 80s, (i)"Eye of The Tiger" - Survivor, (ii) "Axel F" - Harold Faltermayer, (iii) "Together in Electric Dreams" - Phil Oaky & Giorgio Moroder, (iv) "Take My Breath Away" - Berlin and (v) "Power of Love" - Huey Lewis & The News The songs were featured in the following films (i)Rocky III, (ii) Beverley Hill Cop, (iii) Electric Dreams, (iv) Top Gun and (v) Back to the Future.
  16. The boy band Bros. consisted of brothers Matt and Luke Goss and which third member? The third member was Craig Logan.
  17. Which Scottish band had hits with "Happy Birthday" and "I Could be Happy"? Altered Images.
  18. Which band in 1986 became the second Swedish band (after ABBA) to top the UK charts? The second Swedish chart toppers were Europe.
  19. Who was the singer with Simply Red? Mick Hucknall.
  20. From which 1980s' songs do the following lyrics come from, (i)"I've got to run away from the pain you drive into the heart of me", (ii) "And Mama always told me, be careful what you do", (iii) "It's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do", (iv) "Play the guitar on the MTV", and (v) "Who's gonna tell you when it's too late" The lyrics were from (i)"Tainted Love" - Soft Cell, (ii) "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson, (iii) "Africa" - Toto, (iv) "Money for Nothing" - Dire Straits, and (v) "Drive" - The Cars.

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