Boybands 1

Published: Wednesday 4th November 2015
  1. Which boyband performed with Elton John on the 2002 hit "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word"?
  2. Which boyband had a hit with "What I Go to School for"?
  3. Who wrote and originally recorded the Boyzone hit "Father and Son"?
  4. Justin Timberlake was a member of which boyband?
  5. Which boyband became the first to have their first four albums to debut at number 1 in the US charts?
  6. What was the debut single from The Wanted?
  7. Which TV talent show discovered JLS?
  8. Who featured on Take That's "Relight My Fire"?
  9. Who took "Mmmbop" to number one in 1987?
  10. Who was the third member of Bros alongside Matt and Luke Goss?
  11. Who took "Crazy for You" to number two in the UK charts in 1994?
  12. Which song did Five sing with members of Queen?
  13. Which boyband had the UK number one "Freak Me" in 1998?
  14. How many UK number ones were achieved by Westlife?
  15. What was New Kids on the Block first UK number one?
  16. Who recorded the single "End of the Road" which topped the US charts for a then record 13 weeks in 1992?
  17. Which band featured Antony Costa and Simon Webbe amongst it's members?
  18. Which boyband were named after an area of East London?
  19. Which single released in 2000 became A1's last UK number one?
  20. How many brothers make up the Jonas Brothers?
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