Britpop 1

Published: Saturday 13th February 2021A free quiz about the music and the musicians associated with Britpop.
  1. Which journalist and DJ was credited for first using the term "Britpop" in 1993?
  2. Which Oasis single provided them with their first UK number one in April 1995?
  3. Gaz Coombes was the guitarist and lead singer of which 90s band?
  4. The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" samples an orchestral version of which Rolling Stones hit?
  5. Which Pulp album featured the single "Common People"?
  6. Brett Anderson was the lead singer of which Britpop band?
  7. What was the title of The Boo Radley's only UK top ten single?
  8. In which northern city were Shed Seven formed in 1990?
  9. Which song by Ocean Colour Scene was used by Chris Evans to introduce his guests on TFI Friday?
  10. What was the original name of Britpop band Blur?
  11. A founding member of Suede, which female fronted the band Elastica?
  12. "Smart" was the debut album of which band?
  13. Which band received the inaugural NME Brat Award for Best New Act in 1995?
  14. Who sang alongside Space on their 1998 top five single "The Ballad of Tom Jones"?
  15. Which single of 1991 gave Blur their first UK top ten hit?
  16. Released in 1995, what was the title of Cast's debut album?
  17. What was the name of the 90's band fronted by radio personality Laureen Laverne?
  18. The 1996 single "Good Enough" was the only UK top ten hit for which band?
  19. Reaching no.10 in the UK charts in 1996, which Sleeper single shares its name with a TV game show?
  20. Which Oasis single "borrowed" its melody from a Coca-Cola advert?
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