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Published: Saturday 2nd May 2020A free quiz about the songs that are related to British football clubs.
  1. On the 1990 single "World in Motion", which Liverpool player performed a rap?
  2. The 1998 hit "Vindaloo" was performed by Fat Les, which three people made up Fat Les?
  3. The Liverpool anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" originates from which musical?
  4. Which comedian and talk show host joined with Dizzee Rascal on the 2010 World Cup song "Shout"?
  5. Used as the theme for BBC TV's coverage of the 1990 World Cup finals, from which opera does "Nessun Dorma" come?
  6. Which popular musical hall song from the 1920's is used as West Ham's club song?
  7. Which group joined Baddiel & Skinner on their perennial hit "Three Lions"?
  8. A television advert for Wonderloaf provided the inspiration for which 1973 football song?
  9. Which single did Ant and Dec release for the 2002 World Cup Finals?
  10. Which song has traditionally been sung at every FA Cup Final since 1927?
  11. Reaching the top five in 1972, "Blue is the Colour" was performed by which football side?
  12. A no.3 hit for Liverpool in 1988, the "Anfield Rap" featured the voice of which former manager?
  13. Recorded for the 1987 FA Cup Final which football club released the single "Go for It"?
  14. For which tournaments were the following the official England Team songs, [a] "(How Does It Feel To Be) On Top of the World", [b] "This Time (We'll Get It Right)', [c] "World at Your Feet", [d] "All The Way" and [e] "We've Got the Whole World at our Feet"?
  15. Which artist, who had a top five UK hit in 1979 with "Bang Bang", wrote the 1982 Scotland World Cup squad song "We Have a Dream"?
  16. Which group performed on the Nottingham Forest's 1978 single "We've Got the Whole World in our Hands"?
  17. Which song by Simply Red was chosen as the official song for EUFA Euro 1996 which were held in England?
  18. Reaching no4 in the UK charts who joined with the 1978 Scotland World Cup squad on their hit "Ole Ola"?
  19. Which England World Cup song topped the charts in 1970?
  20. Written by Chas & Dave "Ossie's Dream" became a top five UK hit in 1981 for which football team?
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