Hits of the 2010's - 2

Published: Sunday 4th February 2024A free music quiz about the hits and hitmakers of the 2010s.
  1. Which 2013 single lasting over eight minutes gave Justin Timberlake his 2nd UK number one?
  2. Which two songs were featured as a mash-up in the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir's Christmas No.1 of 2015?
  3. Who won the Brit Awards in 2012 for both British Breakthrough Act & Best British Solo Artist?
  4. What single of 2016 gave Zayn Malik his first solo number one?
  5. Which Rolling Stones' album first released in 1976, hit the UK top spot again in 2010?
  6. Which artist occupied the top three places in the UK singles charts in January 2016?
  7. Who in 2011 became the first group to win the UK X-Factor?
  8. What single of 2017 gave Dua Lipa her first UK number one?
  9. What colour was the title of Taylor Swift's 2012 hit album?
  10. Which single by OMI topped the UK's streaming charts in 2015?
  11. Who hit the UK top spot in April 2012 with "Call Me Maybe"?
  12. Who in 2019 became the first female performer to replace herself at no.1 in the UK charts?
  13. Which top ten song from Shontelle in 2010 gave James Arthur his first UK hit?
  14. Which music magazine announced in March 2018 that it would discontinue its print edition?
  15. Which REM track was released by Helping Haiti as a charity single in aid of earthquake relief?
  16. Which season gave Calvin Harris a number one hit in May 2014?
  17. Who represented the UK in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with "Believe in Me"?
  18. What nationality are the band Lucas Graham?
  19. Which rapper released the album "Take Care" in 2011?
  20. Which Ed Sheeran album was 2014's best seller?
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