Hits of the Seventies -5 - Answers

Published: Sunday 26th August 2018A free music quiz about the hits and hitmakers of the 1970s
  1. Which 1967 Moody Blues single was re-released in 1972 and reached number two in the US charts? "Nights in White Satin"
  2. Which TV detective took "If" to the UK top spot in 1975? Telly Savalas (Kojak).
  3. Who topped the charts in 1977 with "Don't Cry for me Argentina"? Julie Covington.
  4. Who took an instrumental version of John Denver's "Annie's Song" into the UK charts in 1978? James Galway.
  5. Which song of 1971 gave The Bee Gees their first US number one? "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart"
  6. Who featured alongside Rod Stewart on the 1973 UK top thirty hit "I've Been Drinking"? Jeff Beck
  7. What number is missing from this 1975 Pete Wingfield hit, "____ with a Bullet"? "18"
  8. Who topped the US charts for 10 weeks in 1977 with "You Light up my Life"? Debby Boone.
  9. "Gimmee Dat Ding" was the only chart entry by which group? Pipkins
  10. What "Demon" provided Suzi Quatro with a top ten hit in 1973? Daytona
  11. Which song provided David Bowie with his first US number one in 1975? "Fame".
  12. What type of circus did Barry Biggs sing about in 1977? "Three Ring Circus".
  13. Who sang about "Montego Bay" in the UK chart of 1970? Bobby Bloom
  14. Who sang about "School Love" in the UK top 20 of 1974? Barry Blue.
  15. The singer of the 1976 hit "Movie Star" shared his name with which of the Marx Brothers? Harpo.
  16. Which 1972 record gave The Faces their first UK top ten hit? Stay With Me
  17. Who took "I'd Love You to Want me" into the UK top five in 1974? Lobo.
  18. Who took "Love and Affection" into the UK top ten in 1976? Joan Armatrading.
  19. Whose mother did Dr Hook take into the UK top ten in 1972? Sylvia's
  20. Whose first UK top ten hit in 1974 was "Seven Seas of Rhye"? Queen.

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