Hits of the Seventies - 6

Published: Thursday 13th June 2019A free quiz about the music and the musicians of the 1970s.
  1. Who sang "Without You" at the top of the US charts in 1972?
  2. What was Supertramp's first UK top twenty hit?
  3. Who was "Under the Moon of Love" in 1976?
  4. Which 1978 Clout hit shared it's name with a 1966 single from The Who?
  5. Which Caribbean island featured in the title of Typically Tropical's only UK number one?
  6. Which single gave Suzi Quatro her first UK number one in 1973?
  7. The theme to which movie gave Isaac Hayes a US number one single?
  8. Who took "Lido Shuffle" into the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic in 1977?
  9. What was the name of the street that Gene Pitney took into the UK top 40 in 1970?
  10. Which flowers gave Marie Osman her only solo UK top ten hit?
  11. Who took "Lady" into the US top ten in 1975?
  12. Who sang "Float On" in the 1977 charts?
  13. Who was going "Paranoid" in the 1970 UK top 10?
  14. Who duetted with Carly Simon on the 1974 hit "Mockingbird"?
  15. Where did Gallagher & Lyle wear their heart according to their 1976 hit?
  16. Who rode "A Horse with No Name" into the 1972 charts?
  17. What was Leo Sayer's first UK top ten hit in 1974?
  18. Which classic song gave Boston their first UK chart success?
  19. Which record in 1972 provided David Bowie with his first hit of the decade?
  20. What was Pilot's first UK top twenty hit in 1974?
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