Hits of the Seventies - 7

Published: Monday 29th June 2020A free quiz about the music and the musicians of the 1970s.
  1. What type of plane featured in the title of Status Quo's 1973 UK top ten hit?
  2. What did Moments and Whatnouts take to the UK number three spot in 1975?
  3. Which British city featured in the title of Mike Oldfield's 1976 UK top ten hit?
  4. What numbers gave City Boy their only top twenty hit?
  5. Which song in 1971 provided Melanie with her first US number one?
  6. What was the title of the single that Peters and Lee took to the UK number one spot in 1973?
  7. Which US City did T Rex take into the UK top twenty in 1975?
  8. Who had a US top ten hit in 1977 with "Angel in Your Arms"?
  9. Who took "House of the Rising Sun" into the UK top 10 in 1970?
  10. Which duo took "Vaya Con Dios" into the UK top twenty in 1973?
  11. Which group took "Love Machine" into the UK top five in 1976?
  12. Who were "Dancing in the Moonlight" in the 1977 UK charts?
  13. Who took "Woodstock" to the top of the UK charts in 1970?
  14. What record provided Sunny with her only UK top ten hit?
  15. Who had his "Jeans On" in his 1976 hit?
  16. Who took "Son of my Father" to the number one spot in 1972?
  17. What record in 1974 gave First Class their only UK top twenty hit?
  18. Which Shakespearean character did Mr Big take into the UK charts in 1977?
  19. Where did Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs "shuffle" to in 1972?
  20. Who had a UK top ten hit in 1974 with "Ire Feelings (Skanga)"?
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