Hits of the Seventies - 8

Published: Monday 2nd November 2020A free quiz about the music and the musicians of the 1970s.
  1. Who were "Part of the Union" in the 1973 charts?
  2. What animal did The Goodies sing about in 1975?
  3. Who was "Living Next Door to Alice" in 1976?
  4. What type of holiday did 10CC take in 1978?
  5. Which single by The Doors entered the US charts on the day Jim Morrison died?
  6. Which "monster" did the Edgar Winter Band take into the 1973 UK charts?
  7. Which summer featured in the title of The Biddu Orchestra's 1975 UK hit?
  8. Who were "Uptown Top Ranking" in the UK top ten of 1978?
  9. Who asked us to "Do the Funky Chicken" in 1970?
  10. Which 1973 single gave Golden Earing their only UK top ten single?
  11. According to the Paul Simon song, how many ways are there to leave your lover?
  12. What type of lady did David Soul take to the UK top spot in 1977?
  13. Which song did Edwin Starr take into the UK top ten in October 1970?
  14. What type of girl did The Chi-Lites sing about in 1974?
  15. Which tea party did The Sensational Alex Harvey Band sing about in 1976?
  16. Which song in 1972 gave Michael Jackson his first solo UK top ten single?
  17. What was the Scotland World Cup Squad's top twenty record in 1974?
  18. With which song did Manhattan Transfer top the UK charts in 1977?
  19. Which 1972 record gave Alice Cooper with top ten hits on both sides of the Atlantic?
  20. Who said "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" at the US number one spot in 1974?
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