Hits of the Seventies - 9

Published: Thursday 21st September 2023A free music quiz about the hits and hitmakers of the 1970s
  1. Who had a top ten hit in 1973 with "Feel the Need in Me"?
  2. According to the title of 10CC's 1975 hit, what type of soup is life?
  3. What sort of hangover did Diana Ross suffer from at the top of the US charts in 1976?
  4. Which TV programme shared it's name with a 1978 hit from The Rezillos?
  5. Which former member of Peter, Paul and Mary took "The Wedding Song" into the 1971 US top twenty?
  6. Who went "Step by Step" into the UK top twenty in 1973?
  7. Who was the "Rochdale Cowboy" in 1975?
  8. Who took "Mr Blue Sky" into the UK top ten in 1978?
  9. Which prehistoric animal provided The Move with their first hit of the 1970s?
  10. Who took "Crocodile Rock" to the US top spot in 1973?
  11. What type of day did Osibisa have in the UK charts in 1976?
  12. Who sang about the "Telephone Man" in 1977?
  13. Who took their version of "Whole Lotta Love" in the UK top 20 in 1970?
  14. What 1974 disc gave The Three Degrees their first UK top twenty hit?
  15. How many bars did The Stylistics sing about in 1976?
  16. Who said "Meet me on the Corner" in the title of their 1972 UK hit?
  17. Who spent "Midnight at the Oasis" in 1974?
  18. According to the title of Billy Ocean's 1977 hit, what colour light spells danger?
  19. What colour was Hawkwind's 1972 machine?
  20. Which Steely Dan single gave the group it's highest US chart position?
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