Hits of the Sixties 3

Published: Tuesday 2nd June 2015
  1. Which song provided Eddie Cochran with his only UK number one in 1960?
  2. What were Johnny Kidd and the Pirates hungry for in the 1964 UK charts?
  3. What was the title of The Shadows first number one without Cliff Richard?
  4. Who took "Good Morning Starshine" into the US top five in 1969?
  5. What was the name of the sixties group formed by Tom O'Brian and his sister Mary?
  6. For which song did The Beatles win their 1965 Grammy Award?
  7. Who sang about the "Eve of Destruction"?
  8. What was the title of Tyrannosaurus Rex's first UK chart entry in 1968?
  9. Who in 1962 became the first British act to secure a US number one single?
  10. Who took "Groovy Baby" into the UK top thirty of 1969?
  11. Complete the title of this 1967 Small Faces UK hit, "Here Comes the ......"?
  12. What was Big Dee Irwin swinging on in 1963?
  13. Who were Desmond Dekker's backing group?
  14. Which single gave The Spencer Davis Group their first UK number one in 1965?
  15. Who was "Lonesome" in 1962 according to his hit single?
  16. Who took "The Best Part of Breaking Up" into the UK top thirty in January 1968?
  17. Which group of the 1960s consisted of Declan & Conleth Cluskey and John Stokes?
  18. What record in 1963 gave Billy J Kramer his first UK number one?
  19. Which US State featured in the title of Perry Como's 1960 hit?
  20. Which of The Beatles did "Bonanza's" Lorne Greene take to the US number one spot in 1964?
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