Hits of the Sixties 4 - Answers

Published: Sunday 20th March 2016
  1. What had The Herd lost in their 1968 UK hit? Paradise
  2. What was the title of The Bachelors first UK hit, reaching number six in 1963? Charmaine
  3. Where did Emile Ford and the Checkmates want to take you on a slow boat in 1960? China
  4. Which single of 1964 became the Dave Clark Five's first UK number one? Glad All Over
  5. What bird took Fleetwood Mac to the top of the UK charts in 1969? Albatross
  6. Who took "Silhouettes" into the UK top 5 in 1965? Herman's Hermits
  7. What language did John D Loudermilk sing about in 1962? Love
  8. In 1961, which record became Chubby Checker's first UK top thirty hit ? Pony Time
  9. According to their 1967 hit, where did The Lovin' Spoonful's cats come from? Nashville
  10. Complete the title of this 1968 hit of The Tremoloes, "Suddenly You ………"? Love Me
  11. How many nervous breakdowns did the Rolling Stones sing about in 1966? 19
  12. How much clay did Craig Douglas sing about in his 1961 hit? 100 Pounds
  13. Who said "Don't Bring Lulu" in the UK charts of 1962? Dorothy Provine
  14. What was the title of Roger Miller's follow-up to "King of the Road"? England Swings
  15. Which song by The Beatles did Wilson Pickett take into the UK charts of 1969? Hey Jude
  16. Who spent seven weeks in the UK charts of 1964 with "All My Loving"? The Dowlands
  17. The Shadows topped the charts in 1960 with "Apache", who else had a hit with this tune that year? Bert Weedon
  18. What single gave Dion his only 1962 British hit? The Wanderer
  19. Who sang a "Tribute to Jim Reeves" in the charts in 1965? Larry Cunningham
  20. Who took a "Single Girl" into the UK top twenty in 1967? Sandy Posey

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