Madonna - Answers

Published: Wednesday 25th October 2023With her long awaited tour just starting, what better time to celebrate the life, music and movies of Madonna in this free quiz.
  1. What is Madonna's full name ? Madonna Louise Ciccone.
  2. In which US State was Madonna born? (Bay City) Michigan.
  3. Which 1983 single gave Madonna her first UK top ten hit? "Holiday".
  4. Which was Madonna's first number one single in the UK? "Into The Groove".
  5. How many UK number ones did Madonna achieve in the 1980's? Six.
  6. Released in 1984 what was the title of Madonna's first US no.1 album? "Like a Virgin".
  7. In which 1985 movie did Madonna have her first starring role? "Desperately Seeking Susan".
  8. Which actor did Madonna marry in August 1985? Sean Penn.
  9. Released in June 1986, what was the title of Madonna's third studio album which was inspired and dedicated to her then husband? "True Blue".
  10. In which year did Madonna headline the Super Bowl half-time show? 2012
  11. For which 1986 movie did Madonna receive a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress? "Shanghai Surprise".
  12. What was the name of Madonna's character in the 1990 movie "Dick Tracey"? Breathless Mohoney.
  13. Released in November 1990, what was the title of Madonna's first greatest hits compilation? "The Immaculate Collection".
  14. In which Bond movie did Madonna have a cameo role? "Die Another Day".
  15. In what year was Madonna inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? 2008
  16. Who did Madonna collaborate with on her 2008 UK no1 "4 Minutes"? Justin Timberlake & Timbaland.
  17. As at 2023, what was the title of Madonna's last UK no1 album? "MDNA".
  18. Madonna holds the record as the female with the most solo UK number ones, how many to 2023 has she had? Thirteen.
  19. Madonna holds the record as the female solo artist with the most UK no1 albums, which two men head the list? Robbie Williams (14) and Elvis Presley (13).
  20. What is the name of the tour that started in October 2023 which is highlighting the 40 year career of Madonna? The Celebration Tour.

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