Music of the 2000's - 1

Published: Sunday 29th August 2021A free music quiz about the hits and hitmakers of the 2000s
  1. Which hip-hop band scored a UK no.2 hit in 2003 with "Favourite Things"?
  2. Which two girl groups combine to record the 2007 Comic Relief single "Walk This Way"?
  3. Which single gave the Manic Street Preachers the first new UK no.1 of the 2000's?
  4. Who gained the most number ones in the noughties, Britney Spears or Madonna?
  5. What type of animal features in the title of Shakira's top five single of 2009?
  6. To which footballer, who passed away in 2005, did Brian Kennedy and Peter Corry release a 2006 tribute single?
  7. Which 2004 single by Donny Osmond gave him his first UK top ten hit since 1973?
  8. What was British rapper Wiley wearing according to the title of his 2008 single?
  9. Which group which had two number one hits in 2001, were created in the TV show "Pop Stars"?
  10. Who scored "nil points" for the UK in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest?
  11. What sort of town did The Doves take into the UK top ten in February 2005?
  12. The German band Scooter had a UK top five single in 2002 with their cover of which Supertramp song?
  13. Hitting the charts in 2005 with "Ticket Outta Loserville", what was the name of the group formed by ex-Busted member James Bourne?
  14. What did Cascada say we should evacuate in the 2009 charts?
  15. The Sugababes debut no.1 single "Freak Like Me" features samples from which Gary Numan track?
  16. The 2008 record "If This is Love" was the debut single from which girl group?
  17. Which song became the UK Christmas number one for the third time in 2004?
  18. Who said "Call Me When You're Sober" in the UK top five of 2006?
  19. Which Rihanna song spent 11 weeks at No.1 in 2007?
  20. Who were "Sleeping With the Light On" according to their 2003 no.3 hit?
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