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Published: Tuesday 13th April 2021A free quiz about Broadway and West End musicals.
  1. Where is the Tony and Olivier Award winning musical "Come From Away" set?
  2. Which famous scriptwriter and author wrote the book for the Lloyd Webber musical "School of Rock"?
  3. Which US city is the title of the 2010 Tony Award winning Best Musical?
  4. The 2020 Tony nominated musical "Jagged Little Pill" features songs by which singer/songwriter?
  5. To which African country are the missionaries sent in the musical "The Book of Mormon"?
  6. Which former member of Boyzone starred as leading character Guy in the West End production of "Once"?
  7. Which American singer wrote the musical "Kinky Boots"?
  8. Which character in the musical "Hamilton" sings the song "You'll Be Back"?
  9. The Broadway jukebox musical "Ain't Too Proud" is based on the music and story of which band?
  10. What is the title of the musical inspired by a 2011 TV documentary about a 16 year old boy becoming a drag queen?
  11. Who wrote and stars as Grandad in "Only Fools and Horses - The Musical"?
  12. What is the title of the West End musical about the wives of Henry VIII?
  13. Which musical, which ran in the West End for 5 years to 2010, featured puppets as most of the main characters?
  14. Set in Sun Studios which musical tells the story of when Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins met?
  15. Which 1940 Broadway musical brought Gene Kelly to the attention of Hollywood producers?
  16. Which Australian comedian/songwriter wrote the musical "Groundhog Day"?
  17. After whom are the Tony Awards named?
  18. Which long running musical was written by the creators of TV's "South Park"?
  19. As at 2021, what is the longest running musical in London's West End?
  20. What is the name of the TV show that Tracey Turnblad wants to dance on in the musical "Hairspray"?
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