Pop Duos 1

Published: Tuesday 31st March 2015
  1. What were the first names of the two Everly Brothers?
  2. What single of 1971 gave Sonny and Cher their last UK top twenty hit?
  3. Reaching number 2 in 1986, what was Pepsi and Shirlee’s biggest chart hit?
  4. Which album in 1968 gave Simon and Garfunkel their first UK number one?
  5. Who wrote "A World Without Love", a UK and US number 1 for Peter and Gordon?
  6. Which duo reached the UK number one spot in 1987 with "Respectable"?
  7. Who formed a famous duo of the 70s and 80s with Daryl Hall?
  8. Which duo wrote and originally recorded "Harlem Shuffle" in 1963?
  9. Although only reaching number 2 in the UK what single gave The Eurythmics their first US number one?
  10. Which cover of a Gloria Jones single gave Soft Cell a worldwide hit in 1981?
  11. Which pop duo is made up of Neil Tenant and Chris Lowe?
  12. Which single, featuring Noel Gallagher, gave The Chemical Brothers their first UK number one?
  13. Which duo had chart success after winning Opportunity Knocks a record seven times in 1973?
  14. Reaching number one in the UK charts what was the debut single from pop-soul duo Charles and Eddie?
  15. The classic "Soul Man" was a US number one for which duo?
  16. What single in 1967 became the first and only US number one by a father and daughter act?
  17. With whom did Marvin Gaye duet on the 1966 hit "It Takes Two"?
  18. What duet with Jason Donovan gave Kylie Minogue a UK number one in 1988?
  19. What was the highest charting single by synth duo Yazoo?
  20. Which duo won a Grammy in 2012 for their version of "Body and Soul"?
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