UK Hit Albums - 3

Published: Monday 6th February 2023A free quiz covering hit albums from the UK charts.
  1. What was the title of Blur's 1991 debut album?
  2. Reaching number 1 in 2000, what was the title of Coldplay's debut album?
  3. Who in 2019 at age 74 became the oldest male artist to have a UK number one album?
  4. With 12 number one albums to her name which female solo artist has the most?
  5. Apart from The Beatles who were the only artists to top the UK album charts in 1964?
  6. In which year were compilation albums given a separate UK charts?
  7. Which group recorded the album "Drones" which topped the charts in 2015?
  8. What was the title of Phil Collins' debut album as a solo artist?
  9. Who in 1957 became the first UK solo artist to top the UK album charts?
  10. Who is the only artist to date to have won the Mercury Music Prize twice?
  11. Which band recorded eight consecutive UK number one albums without ever releasing a single?
  12. Later to become the title of a Broadway musical, which group topped the charts in 2004 with "American Idiot"?
  13. Which album gave The Smiths their only number one in 1984?
  14. What was the title of the best selling album of 2012 by Emelie Sande?
  15. Which artist released albums entitled "Dangerously in Love" (2003), "4" (2011) and "Lemonade" (2016)?
  16. Which Nirvana album cover features a baby underwater reaching for a dollar bill?
  17. Whose debut album, "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent" was the best-selling of 2019?
  18. Which album by The Beatles was the first to debut at number one?
  19. Which band released albums entitled Regatta de Blanc (1979), Ghost in the Machine (1981) and "Synchronicity" (2013)?
  20. Who took "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" to the UK top spot for six weeks in 1968?
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