Around the USA 1

Published: Monday 15th February 2010
  1. How many states of the USA have "New" in their name?
  2. What is the State bird of Louisiana?
  3. The US city of Cleveland stands on the shores of which of the Great Lakes?
  4. On which river does the city of Indianapolis stand?
  5. What is the American equivalent of "British Summer Time"?
  6. What are the nicknames of the following States that are used on license plates (i)America's Dairyland, (ii) Constitution State, (iii) Grand Canyon State, (iv) Land of Lincoln and (v) Sunshine State
  7. According to the song which state wanted R Dean Taylor in 1971?
  8. What are the five boroughs of New York City?
  9. Apart from the USA which other country has a range of mountains known as The Sierra Nevada?
  10. What would you find at the zip-code, KY 40121?
  11. Which mountain in Alaska was named after a former US President?
  12. What is the only native North American marsupial?
  13. Name the thirteen US states that form the border between the USA and Canada.
  14. What four states border Mexico?
  15. Which US state was formerly The Sandwich Islands?
  16. In which city is the "Holland Tunnel"?
  17. What is the largest town in Alaska?
  18. Casper and Laramie are towns in which US state?
  19. Oakland is linked by bridge to which other US city?
  20. Which FOUR presidents are represented on the memorial on Mount Rushmore?
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