Around Europe 1

Published: Saturday 27th February 2010
  1. In which European country are the Troodos mountains?
  2. What is Europe's and the World's most northern capital city?
  3. Which river flows through Budapest?
  4. Name the three Baltic states and their capitals.
  5. Travelling due east from New York City, which European country would you reach first?
  6. Which countries do the following alpine tunnels or passes connect, (i)The Brenner pass, (ii) The Frejus Road Tunnel, (iii) Great St. Bernard Pass, (iv) Mont Blanc Tunnel and (v) Simplon Rail Tunnel
  7. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
  8. Liechtenstein lies between which two countries?
  9. The Palace of Knossos is on which Greek island?
  10. Alphabetically which European country comes first?
  11. Excluding Vatican City which European country comes last alphabetically?
  12. The Utigord is the highest waterfall in Europe, in which country is it found?
  13. What is the capital city of the following countries, (i)Belarus, (ii) Norway, (iii) Bulgaria, (iv) Croatia and (v) San Marino
  14. For each of the following rivers name the country in which they rise and the sea/ocean they flow into. (i)Volga, (ii) Danube, (iii) Rhine, (iv) Loire and (v) Rhone.
  15. In which European country is The Tyrol?
  16. In which European countries are the following airlines based, (i)Aeroflot, (ii) LOT, (iii) KLM, (iv) SAS and (v) Lufthansa
  17. Which countries occupy the Iberian peninsular?
  18. What is the largest country in Europe in terms of area?
  19. What is the smallest country in Europe in terms of area (excluding Vatican City)?
  20. How many countries in Europe are larger than the UK in terms of population?
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