Around Australia 1

Published: Tuesday 16th March 2010
  1. Who claimed Australia for Great Britain in 1770?
  2. What are the six states and two territories that make up Australia named?
  3. What is the smallest state in Australia?
  4. What is the federal capital of Australia?
  5. What is the most populous State of Australia?
  6. Western Australia is the largest state by area, but which is the second largest State?
  7. What is the capital of South Australia?
  8. What nick-name is given to the Sydney Harbour bridge by locals?
  9. What is the name of the Sea that separates Australia from New Zealand?
  10. What is the State bird of Western Australia?
  11. What nick-name is given to the State of Queensland?
  12. Which is the least populated State or Territory of Australia?
  13. Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, of which State is it the capital?
  14. What sport is played by the "Sydney Swans"?
  15. Previously known as "Ayers Rock", by what name is it now known?
  16. Who in 1971 became the first Australian Aboriginal to win a Wimbledon tennis title?
  17. Which famous Australian is associated with a dessert, a sweet puree of raspberries and a crisp dry toast?
  18. Which stretch of water separates Tasmania from mainland Australia?
  19. Many of Australia's native animals are Marsupials, what feature characterises this species?
  20. The longest reef in the World is in Australian waters, what is it called?
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