Rivers & Mountains 1

Published: Sunday 9th May 2010
  1. What is the world's highest mountain?
  2. What is the world's longest river?
  3. Which mountain range forms a natural border between Europe and Asia?
  4. What is the longest river that is entirely in England?
  5. Which two countries do the Pyrenees separate?
  6. On which river does the city of Dublin stand?
  7. In which country is the highest mountain in South America?
  8. The Red River forms the border between which two US states?
  9. In which country would you find the Troodos mountains?
  10. What is the only river that flows both North and South of the Equator?
  11. What is the highest mountain that is not part of a range?
  12. The town of Inverness in Scotland stands on which river?
  13. What is the highest mountain in the USA?
  14. What is the longest river in Ireland?
  15. What is the highest mountain in Europe?
  16. What is the longest river in Canada?
  17. How high does a mountain in Scotland have to be before it becomes a Munro?
  18. Name the EIGHT European countries that the River Danube flows through.
  19. What is the highest known mountain in the solar system?
  20. Which capital city is located on the Potomac River?
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