Oceans, Seas & Lakes 1

Published: Sunday 9th May 2010
  1. What are the FIVE oceans of the World?
  2. Which of the five Great Lakes of North America would come first in an alphabetical list?
  3. In which Ocean would you find The Maldives?
  4. Into which sea does the River Nile flow?
  5. What is the largest lake in Scotland?
  6. Which two bodies of water does the Panama Canal connect?
  7. Which seas does the Suez Canal connect?
  8. The "Puerto Rican Tench" is the deepest part of which ocean?
  9. In which country is The Great Bear Lake?
  10. Which SIX countries border the Black Sea?
  11. What is the deepest lake in the world?
  12. Where would you find "The Sea of Tranquillity"?
  13. What is the largest lake within the UK's Lake District National Park?
  14. Which sea lies to the North of Poland?
  15. Which European Country is known as "The Land of a Thousand Lakes"?
  16. Between which two countries does "The Skagerrak" lie?
  17. Which lake in Ireland is the largest in the British Isles?
  18. Which sea separates Australia from New Zealand?
  19. Which sea lies to the north of Iran?
  20. The shore of which sea is said to be the lowest point on Earth not covered by water?
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