Around Britain 2

Published: Thursday 8th July 2010
  1. In which city was the "Titanic" built?
  2. In which English county would you find Stonehenge?
  3. Which UK city was called Eboracum by the Romans?
  4. The former Royal Yacht Britannia is now a tourist attraction, in which city is it moored?
  5. Which motorway connects London to Winchester?
  6. What is the capital of the Isle of Man?
  7. What are the name of the hills that separate England from Scotland?
  8. Which is further north, Edinburgh or Dundee?
  9. Which two London boroughs begin with the letter "E"?
  10. What is Lindisfarne also known as?
  11. In which English town would you find the 'Bridge of Sighs'?
  12. Rothesay is the principal town on which Scottish island?
  13. The hill known as Wenlock Edge stands in which county?
  14. Which large lake sits in the centre of Northern Ireland?
  15. Which is the most Northerly town in the British Islands?
  16. Which is the most Easterly town in the British Islands?
  17. In which county does Kinder Scout, the highest peak in the Peak District, lie?
  18. Near which town would you find "The Angel of the North"?
  19. In which town is the National Library of Wales?
  20. Which two counties does the Dartford crossing connect?
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