Around Africa 1

Published: Monday 7th February 2011
  1. With which country did Zanzibar combine to form Tanzania in 1964
  2. Which is the largest country in Africa?
  3. Name the SIX MAINLAND countries in Africa that the equator passes through?
  4. Which is the largest lake in Africa?
  5. Which is the second longest river in Africa after the Nile?
  6. Which TWO towns lie at either end of the Suez Canal?
  7. Alphabetically which is the first country in Africa?
  8. Alphabetically which is the last country in Africa?
  9. What is the modern name for these former African colonies, [a] Gold Coast, [b] Upper Volta, [c] Bechuanaland , [d] Basutoland and [e] French Somali-land
  10. The Republic of South Africa has Three capital cities, which is the administrative centre?
  11. Which is further West, Angola or Chad?
  12. In which country was the World War 2 battle of El Alamein fought?
  13. Of which African countries are the following the capitals, [a] Nairobi, [b] Luanda, [c] Kampala, [d] Abuja and [e] Kigali
  14. What is the highest mountain in Africa?
  15. Between which two countries does the Victoria Falls lie?
  16. In which country does the Kalahari desert principally lie?
  17. What are the currencies of the following countries, [a] South Africa, [b] Egypt, [c] Algeria, [d] Ghana and [e] Kenya
  18. In which country is the Serengeti National Park?
  19. Which African country is the World's largest exporter of gold?
  20. Which THREE countries do the Atlas Mountains pass through?
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