Around South America 1

Published: Wednesday 30th March 2011
  1. Known as "the City that touches the sky", which South American city is the highest capital city in the World?
  2. Which are the only TWO South American countries that are NOT bordered by Brazil?
  3. Which South American lake is the highest navigable lake in the World?
  4. Which is the smallest sovereign state in South America by area?
  5. Which is the largest Spanish speaking country in South America?
  6. Which is the only country with borders on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea?
  7. Which is the highest mountain in South America?
  8. In which South American city will the 2016 Summer Olympics be held?
  9. What is the most Southern tip of South America named?
  10. Which TWO South American countries are land-locked?
  11. What is the official language of Brazil?
  12. Which area is South America has a large Welsh speaking population?
  13. Which capital city is virtually situated on the equator?
  14. In which country would you find the World's highest waterfalls?
  15. What is the capital of Paraguay?
  16. The Amazon is the second longest river in the World, but what is the second longest river in South America?
  17. What are the fertile grasslands of Argentina known as?
  18. What is the capital of French Guiana?
  19. Of which South American country is Easter Island a part?
  20. In which South American country would you find the port of Fray Bentos?
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