Around Wales 1

Published: Wednesday 6th July 2011
  1. What is the longest river entirely in Wales?
  2. What is the Welsh equivalent of English Heritage, the organisation that looks after historical buildings?
  3. Which town in Clwyd is home every year to the International Eisteddfod?
  4. Which castle in Gwent is the second largest in Britain?
  5. In which town in North Wales is Britain's smallest house?
  6. Which future James Bond was born in Colwyn bay in 1946?
  7. Why were the "Rebecca Riots" in Mid and South Wales of the early 19th Century so called?
  8. Which West Wales town forms the Western terminus of the A40 trunk road?
  9. Name the six cities of Wales?
  10. Which future King of England was born in Monmouth in 1386?
  11. Which part of North Wales was known as "Mam Cymru" [Mother Wales] during the Middle Ages?
  12. Where in North Wales were The Beatles staying when they learned of the death of their manager Brian Epstein?
  13. Which is the largest local authority [by area] in Wales?
  14. What tourist attraction can be found at Dan-Yr-Ogof?
  15. What earth bank that runs the border of Wales was built to keep the Welsh in?
  16. Robert Owen was born in Newtown, Powys, what organisation did he go on to create?
  17. In which year was Cardiff proclaimed capital of Wales?
  18. Which 19th Century structure made from red stained limestone stands at Tongwynlais to the North of Cardiff?
  19. Which stadium hosted the FA Cup Final while the new Wembley Stadium was being constructed?
  20. Britain's THIRD National Park is in Wales, which is it?
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