Around Japan 1

Published: Monday 22nd August 2011
  1. Japan consists of thousands of islands, but what are the FOUR main islands called?
  2. What is the capital of Japan?
  3. Which city did the current capital of Japan replace as capital in 1868?
  4. What is the longest river in Japan?
  5. Which is the largest city on the island of Hokkaido?
  6. In which Japanese city are deer said to roam freely around?
  7. What is the highest mountain in Japan?
  8. What country is the nearest point of the Asian continent to Japan?
  9. What is the principal international airport serving the Tokyo area?
  10. What are "SHINKASEN"?
  11. In which city would you find Universal Studios Theme park Japan?
  12. In which city were the 1972 Winter Olympics held?
  13. In which month of the year would you expect to see the Cherry Blossom in the Tokyo area?
  14. Which TWO cities were largely destroyed by Atomic bombs in WW2?
  15. What are the TWO main religions in Japan?
  16. What were the military rulers of Japan up to 1867 known as?
  17. Who is the Head of State of Japan?
  18. By what name is the classical Japanese dance theatre known?
  19. What is the national sport of Japan?
  20. What is a RYOKAN in Japan?
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